January 31st, 2004

The Contessa Corsini speaks with the Papal Nuncio

Grand Duchess Xenia Romanova appears to be having a discussion with the representative of the Sultan of Zanzibar

The Sudanese try to wring recognition from the British

The German and Swiss ambassadors converse in the writing room

The airship's chart room, at the rear of the control car

The helm station, at the front of the control car

The ballast station, where the Tsar caused some anxiety.

'The Bear in Winter is an alcohol-free game. However, with the assistance of a little role playing, we will maintain the illusion of alcohol. The role of "vodka" will be played by plain water, run through a Brita filter. The role of "red wine" will most likely be played by lingonberry juice diluted to the appropriate color. The role of "white wine" will most likely be played by apple juice. "Scotch" and "Port" will be played by water diluted with an appropriately colored syrup. Special Guest Appearance of champagne will be played by bottles of sparkling pear juice.

The role of "soda water" will be played by itself.'

The Minister Plenipotentiary for the Federal Republic of Switzerland considers a vast array of tea sandwiches

Juri Watanabe, Minister Resident at Moscow for the Emperor of Japan, consults her papers

Sir Cecil Rhodes is unmoved by the requests of Doctor Millicent Gordon.

Odette serves coffee in the smoking room. (No, the German ambassador is not trying to brain her.)

Doktor Obregon declaims his ideas of Science!

The ladies lounge

The forward end of the ladies lounge, where a seance was held.

The Sudananese-Ottoman team Evil plot their next moves.

His Imperial Majesty Alexander II, Tsar of all the Russias

Immediately after Doktor Obregon deomnstrates his peronality-switching invention on the Minister from the Ottoman Empire

The chart showing the airship's progress

The airship is pointing the wrong way! Artisans will be flogged!

Doktor Obregon continues to wreak havoc...

...and Millicent Gordon submits, in her quest to learn more of High Atlantean

Doktor Obregon looks on in horror as Monsignor Paolucci breaks his device!

Which results in the Monsignor declaring his love for the French ambassador

The Landgrave of Syldavia, or the King of the Moon?