Camel in Summer

In the summer of 2005 we ran a LARP with an Arabian Nights flavor in Farzabad, which was built in our backyard.

In the crowded bazaar there was a coffeeshop (where gentle patrons relax and Spanish mercenaries regret the lack of wine to drink), a blacksmith, a fishmonger and a variety of fortunetellers. People mingled and argued, while over everything waved the flag of Farzabad.

The restful environment of the University of Farzabad included a wide variety of laboratory facilities and an extensive library.

At the royal palace, supplicants waited to be admitted to the Princess' court while courtiers hovered around.

We had a cast of, well, dozens. Unfortunately we didn't get good pictures of everybody.

Prince Amir (Who was later revealed to be Princess Amira in disguise.)
Anil the Alchemist
Bardia the Woodcutter
Basharat the Coffee House Owner
Chung-li Ch'uan the Feng Shui Consultant
Dabbah the Chancellor of Farzabad's University
Dawid the Dervish
Eshal the Flower Seller
Fariba the Persian Slave
Faris of the Caravan Guards
Ghulam the Chief Eunuch
Gita the Traveling Player
Hali the Fishwife
Haroun the Professor Emeritus
Ishana the Purveyor of Curios
Jawad the Vizier
Kardos the Bandit King (Among many other aliases)
Khazin the Moneylender
Lakshya of the City Guard
Lu'ay of the Caravan Guards
Malka the Beggar Woman
Miftah the Librarian
Naushaba the Apothecary
Obaid the Slave Boy
Ofira the Toymaker
Pariza, the Mysterious Woman
Prama the Vizier's daughter
Quasif the Tinker
Raahil the Caravan Leader
Raameen the Slave Girl
Sabola the Soothsayer
Shifa the Physician
Timur the Blacksmith
Ujala the Astrologer
Umair the Coffee House Boy
Vidvan the Tutor
Princess Waliyah of Farzabad
Ximen the Mercenary
Yasuo the Monk
Yerodin the Ape Scribe
Zenia the Palace Cook
Zerina the Fruit Seller